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“ I am so happy with my new bathroom..especially the jetted tub!"

Anika W.

Bathroom Remodeling Tacoma

Welcome to Bathroom Remodeling Tacoma. Considered the best among local Tacoma bathroom remodeling companies.

For years we have served Tacoma bathroom remodel customers in need. We make sure that we consistently offer the most sought after services, while still fighting to keep our rates competitive.

Bath remodeling in Tacoma can be quite a challenge. You have may have questions about Tacoma remodeling contractors, perhaps you are in need of a small bathroom remodel ideas, or are looking for materials for you remodels such as the highest quality walk-in tubs Tacoma has available.

Wherever you are in your remodel process, Bathroom Remodeling Tacoma has made it our priority to serve you. We want our services to cover all possible needs.

For starters, you have found our website. This means you have questions you are desperate to have answered. Questions like, who does the best bathroom remodeling in Tacoma WA, how much does it cost to remodel a bathroom, or are there any bathroom remodelers near me?

Luckily for you, Bathroom Remodeling Tacoma has answers to these questions and more. It is just one more way we can provide the very best for our local Tacoma bathroom remodeling customers.

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About US

Bathroom Remodeling Tacoma has served Tacoma and surrounding areas for years. Your bathroom remodeling ideas are very important to you. We want you to consider them important to us too. We want to make these plans and dreams a reality you could soon be experiencing every day.

Our services give you the ability to accomplish just about any of your bathroom remodel businesses under one convenient roof. Looking for a bathtub remodel or a bathroom shower remodel? We can help with that. If you are looking for both a small bathroom remodel and a master bathroom remodel, we can help with that too.

The point is, we know how crazy a bathroom remodel in Tacoma WA can be at times. We can think like our customers, and imagine through their eyes the very best ways we can make the process smoother and remain outstanding with our customer service

Why Choose Us?

Our ability to help customers design their dream bathroom is unlike other bathroom remodeling companies in Tacoma. We can help provide you with new ideas, and also help to find the very best products and materials that will fit your needs and ideas.

Not only do we feel we are good at it, but we always have fun! The design process is where we believe the most fun is to be had. Fun is very important to us. If the process were not fun, then you may find yourself looking at a horrible finished product. So we keep the focus on enjoying our work.

Bathroom Remodeling Tacoma also understands there is a definite need that needs to be met when it comes to the bathroom remodel cost. It can be very easy to charge too much or too little for a bath remodel in Tacoma.

For example, there are some bathroom remodeling companies that charge much higher than the average cost of bathroom remodel prices. While you are much more likely to get a finished product of very high quality, you may feel as though the remodel was not worth it. This is due to the cost that was much higher than originally planned.

The other extreme for bathroom remodeling contractors to charge too little for your remodel. While this may seem like an unimaginable steal at first, it catches up to you.

Even remodeling contractors in Tacoma WA have to make their money from somewhere right? This can be done one of two ways with prices so cheap.

One they sacrifice by hiring less than perfect employees. They may be sloppy with their work, or not as skilled.

Another way to save is by using much cheaper products and materials. This can come in the form of cheap fixtures that break very quickly. Or can be by use of cheap materials such as tiles that break quickly or glue that does not hold very well because it is cheaper to buy.

Any of these can happen to you. Unless you hire Bathroom Remodeling Tacoma. We have found a balance between keeping our prices competitive and not using the cheapest materials we can get our hands-on.

This is just one more way we can best serve our customers. If this sounds like yet another benefit for you, then make sure to call today. Call with questions you may have or call to sign up for your free consultation!

What to Expect

Before you arrive at your free consultation, we recommend you search on your own for ideas for the remodel. Decide early on what kind of bathroom you would enjoy using.

Do you like certain colors more than others? Is there a particular vanity that caught your attention? Perhaps there is a certain shower or tiles that you really enjoyed looking at.

Thumb through magazines, do some research online or even look at T.V. shows. This will help you discover for yourself what kinds of bathrooms you enjoy the most and would like to design for yourself.

When you finally arrive at your scheduled consultation, we will review these ideas and help you to decide from certain products and materials we have that would best fit your desires.

We will also want to visit the bathroom you wish to remodel. We will need to take measurements and review the current state of the bathroom.

Soon after, the actual construction process will begin. This portion of the remodel can be over rather quickly depending on the type of remodel and exactly how much work needs to be done overall.

Bathroom Remodeling Services


Full Bathroom Remodel

If you have a bathroom in your home currently you simply cannot stand due to the old fixtures, colors, and other items we have a solution for you. Consider a full bathroom remodel service. We can replace old fixtures with new ones. We can paint the bathroom a new color. We can also offer new lighting and much more.


Bath Conversions

If a full bathroom remodel doesn’t sound quite like you yet, don’t worry we have another option for you. Consider our bath conversions service. We can replace and remove that old tub you currently own with a brand new shower. Soon you will be relaxing in your new shower and enjoying the new colors and tiles. Such a simple way to make your bathroom feel brand new again.


Master Bathroom Remodel

If you own a master bathroom then you know exactly how much time you can spend in there. Getting ready in the morning and coming home after a long day can become so much more special once you have used our master bathroom remodel service. Consider all new tiles, paint, lights, vanity, and so much more.


Small Bathroom Remodel

Perhaps your master bathroom is not the issue. Instead, it is your small bathroom. Well, we can help you with that too. Our small bathroom remodel service is here if you need to replace fixtures, light, and more to make that small bathroom feel much more accessible and usable compared to its current state.


Walk-in Tubs/Showers.

If you are wanting to remodel your tub but find safety to be a concern, look no further. Our walk-in tubs can help your bathroom look great with a new tub all in the name of safety. Simply open the watertight door, step over a very low step, and begin relaxing in your bath in no time.


And More!

  • Showerheads
  • Lighting
  • Countertops
  • Sinks
  • Backsplash
  • And much much more!

About Tacoma WA

Tacoma is a city in Washington State that is south of Seattle. Tacoma is home to several fascinating museums including the Museum of Glass. It is also home to the Washington State History Museum.

The unemployment rate is 5.9% while the national average is 3.7%. The sales tax rate is 10.1% to 6.2%.

Surrounding cities include:

  • Lakewood
  • Puyallup
  • Spanaway
  • Dupont
  • University Place
  • Milton
  • Fox Island
  • Mcchord AFB
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a bathroom remodel?

We know it can be frustrating not to give a straightforward answer but the truth is, we really don’t have one. There are so many factors that can go into this answer. It will depend on the materials you use such as tiles or fixtures. It can also depend on the size of remodel. If you are looking for a small remodel compared to a master bathroom remodel.

What type of tile should I use?

This comes down to personal preference. There are many different materials and styles that may serve your needs differently. For example, if you have more foot traffic through your bathroom then we may recommend a different type for you than other customers.

Should I plan on adding ventilation?

Yes, you should plan on a great ventilation system. Having a lack of proper ventilation can lead to issues such as mildew or mold. Explain to the employee you work with about this when you meet. You will be able to help protect you and your bathroom from horrible issues in the future.

Customer Testimonials

I am so surprised by how well the finished product looks. Bathroom Remodeling Tacoma did such a wonderful job. Not only does it look absolutely perfect, but they did the job really fast as well. I highly recommend them to anyone in the area looking to have a remodel done.

Tara C.

I was really looking forward to having a specific design when I finished the remodel in my master bathroom. Bathroom Remodeling Tacoma did not disappoint. I love my new shower and am especially appreciative of my new vanity. These guys do great work.

Toby C.

All I needed were a few fixtures replaced because they were so old. Bathroom remodeling was there to help me through the entire process. Even when I was struggling to come up with ideas on my own.

Carie R.

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No matter the step you are in in your remodel, or service you require Bathroom Remodeling Tacoma is here to help you in any way we can.

We can answer questions, offer ideas, design a plan, and finish the construction for you. What’s not to love?

If you are still nervous to begin services right away that’s all right! That is one more reason we offer our free consultation. This way you can get an idea of what working with our wonderful employees will be like.

So call us today for your free consultation at no risk to you or your budget. You may call or visit in person with any questions you need to be answered and also schedule your free consultation. Call us today!

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